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摘要: Brief Introduction School of Continuing Education E-learning was founded in Jan. 2005, with the amalgamation of the former School of Continuing Education and School of E-learning.


Brief Introduction 

School of Continuing Education & E-learning was founded in Jan. 2005, with the amalgamation of the former School of Continuing Education and School of E-learning. Currently, there are three different programs in the School, including Continuing Education, E-learning and Self-Taught Higher Education Examinations(STE). These programs are operated well under the cooperation of five branches within the School, which are general office, project expanding, management of education, student work and technology. The committed members, including 75 faculties, are contributing excellent services in enrollment, management and educational research. Now, the total enrollment of the School is about 30700 students, including 8200 students in continuing education, 5500 students in STE and 17000 part-time students in E-learning.

Jiangnan University, situated in the beautiful city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is one of China’s national key “211 Project” universities and functions directly under the supervision of China’s Ministry of Education. The School has been seeking the new strategy, which is oriented toward fulfilling market needs, to provide professionally and administratively orientated courses to ensure that all kinds of requirements from different students should be fulfilled.

Continuing Education

The Program of Continuing Education relies on abundant predominant subjects and teaching staff, meets the demand for social development, adjusts specialized structure and continually advances administrative abilities, normalizes teaching standards and optimizes teaching environment. By unremitting effort, the Program has evolved a new pattern that it brings mainly up talents at an undergraduate level. It offers a variety of education, including further education, focusing on the job training and learning style, and aiming at serving for the society as well as educating for a life time. The Program seeks outer education resources to share, and has established new-style regional cooperation. The Program gradually constructs further education system at different levels and specifications, which has brought up various talents for regional economic development and got extensive social self-identity.

In education received courses, the Program's majors covers Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, Arts, Law, Medical Science, Economics and Teaching which offers undergraduate courses in forms of evening courses, teaching by correspondence, full-time courses and characteristic self-study exams. Non-education received courses and training courses enhances cooperation with government and enterprises, and offers different kinds of advanced seminars, short courses and special training courses for both national and international qualification certificates examinations such as ACCA.

The former School of Continuing Education was awarded "Advanced institute of adult education for outstanding management of Jiangsu province" in 2003, and was awarded "National advanced institute of higher learning diploma electron register management" by the Ministry of Education in 2004; and was awarded "Advanced institute of continuing education among national common institutes of higher learning" and "Advanced unit for social education training of Wuxi City".




The Program of E-learning in Jiangnan University was established in Aug. 2000. It adopts a management system of modern enterprises to support e-learning, such as post target management and efficiency-result examination system. It has cooperated with ChinaEdu and created a new pattern of e-learning with all-round cooperation between the university and enterprises.

E-learning in Jiangnan University adopts a distance education mode totally based on Internet. E-college owns a 100M LAN and switches in Internet through 100M Telecom optic-fiber. Meanwhile, it is connected to CERNET through an independent 1000M optic-fiber in campus LAN. It has created a favorable network environment for external learning centers, students with different ways of switching to Internet and distance education within the campus. There are 12 servers in the LAN, applying to multimedia real-time interactive system, video meeting system, www, database, e-mail, FTP, streaming media, failure reservation, and etc.

E-learning in Jiangnan University centers around students, highly values the teaching quality and offers rich educational resources and multiple distance guidance to students. It aims at adult education, chooses proper guidance to different classes, and combines examination with social practice and stresses ability training of applied and autonomous learning. Students can select courses by themselves. It attaches great importance to organization, management and monitoring of whole learning procedure to guarantee education quality.

E-learning in Jiangnan University includes three levels: associate degree, bachelor degrees, advanced diploma. There are majors such as industrial and commercial management, international economy and trade, the science of law, accounting, Chinese language and literature, administrative management, computer science and technology, biological engineering, foods science and engineering, of which biological engineering, foods science and engineering are the key disciplines in Jiangnan University which enjoy high reputation within China and abroad.

E-learning in Jiangnan University makes full use of its outstanding teachers and relies on its technical force to develop various learning sources independently. There are 3 specialized teaching materials for distance education, 187 pieces of network multimedia teaching software, including 6 refined of teaching software. "Multimedia network teaching-aid software for college physics" got first class prize in the evaluation of "Physics teaching achievements through multimedia and network in Jiangsu Province".

The support and service system of e-learning in Jiangnan University consists of network teaching, management system and external learning centers all over the country, which offers all-round support to students. "SYTU on Line" ( is the interface, which integrates management system of teaching and teaching affairs, learning system and multimedia on-line guidance system. It also provides rich and colorful on-line campus environment in the form of virtual campus. Based on autonomous learning with teaching materials and multimedia course wares, students attend to courses, ask questions, conduct discussions, finish homework and get guidance on line. E-college provides various support and service, including real time multimedia courses, real time multimedia coaching, course forum, student service forum, e-mail guidance and telephone counseling. It also selects qualified teachers to give tour lectures in some regions.

E-learning in Jiangnan University focus on formulating teaching plan scientifically and strictly, exploring new teaching pattern and learning form actively, establishing strict examination and evaluation system, developing high quality multimedia teaching software, setting up high efficiency platform of remote management, all-round service and support to students, and strictly guarantee system and highly efficient operation mechanism. It constructs and improves the quality assurance system from management, teaching and support service.


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